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Sebastian Glosemeyer

Sebastian Glosemeyer

Consulting Manager

Price - often overlooked, but surprisingly powerful. It's the most important element of the marketing mix for growth and profitability. Inspiring organizations and helping them to get a clear view on their pricing strategy energizes me. What is ‘value’ in the eyes of the customer? How do you translate this into a successful value-based pricing strategy? And how do you successfully implement this strategy within your organization? The final touch of pricing: communicating price in a smart way by using pricing psychology.

  • Key expertises

    Pricing strategy, Assortment strategy, Pricing psychology, Market research (quant & qual), Value proposition development

  • Professional milestones

    Senior Consultant

    2015 – 2023



    Nationale-Nederlanden, Insurance

    • Optimizing the insurance portfolio and pricing
    • Identifying key value drivers and potential value proposition improvements
    • Facilitating workshops and performing market research (MaxDiff, conjoint, leader-filler-killer analysis, latent class, TURF)


    Results: validated insurance portfolio, better pricing, more effective marketing communication




    Nespresso, FMCG

    • Improving Nespresso’s coffee subscription to increase volume and profitability
    • Facilitating value proposition and pricing workshops
    • Performing market research (SIMALTO interviews and quantitative choice experiment) about effectiveness of new subscription


    Results: validated concept of new subscription incl. better pricing for more profit and market share




    ANWB, Automotive

    • Validating ANWB’s pricing strategy for roadside assistance
    • Advice about value proposition improvements (product and service)
    • Pricing research (conjoint analysis to identify willingness to pay and price elasticity)


    Results: validated pricing strategy for more profit and market share




    Smartphonehoesjes.nl, E-commerce

    • Assessment of current pricing performance
    • Internal interviews and data analyses to reveal untapped pricing potential


    Results: identification of quick wins and advice on pricing improvement initiatives for the next years (pricing agenda)




    Losberger De Boer, Construction

    • Helping the company to make the transition from cost-plus to value-based pricing
    • Facilitating pricing workshops, performing market research (quant and qual)
    • Developing a pricing logic which guides sales managers in their pricing decisions
    • Facilitating value selling workshops to improve proposals
    • Developing a pricing e-learning program to educate and train sales managers on value-based pricing


    Results: introduction of new pricing strategy incl. price tooling and value selling proposal formats, bid/no bid checklists and e-learning program, sales organization trained on value-based pricing




    Pon (VW, SEAT, ŠKODA, Audi), Automotive

    • Improving SEAT’s aftersales value proposition and pricing
    • Facilitating workshops and performing pricing research (conjoint analysis)


    Results: introduction of 4 year aftersales warranty, price increase of 10%+ without loss in volume and more effective marketing communication

  • Education milestones

    Master Marketing Management

    Rotterdam School of Management
    2013 – 2014

    Bachelor International Business & Management

    University of Groningen
    2010 – 2013