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As a marketeer, you need the best people to guide you through your marketing strategy, business growth, organization of your marketing teams or innovative trends. For over two decades we’ve been delivering interim management and strategic marketing consulting. We have recently expanded our services even further to include Talent Search.

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Trust us with your marketing projects

We have a ruthless focus on the customer and how this can lead to business impact.
With a strong understanding of all marketing subdomains on both strategic and operational levels, we help you achieve your business goals.

We believe in the strength of combining generalists and expert professionals.
Together with our partners at Customer Collective, we act and operate as one team, bringing different experts together in multidisciplinary teams.

What we do

From strategy to implementation, we cover the entire marketing spectrum.

Marketing Consulting

You have a specific business challenge? We have the team of experts to tackle it, solve it and guide you through the solution. Our experts will focus on your problem and work on it together, with their diverse expertise and skills to solve it for you.
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Interim Management

You need an urgent member in your marketing team for a short or longer period of time? You need help from an expert with specific skills to complement your current marketing team? THoM’s interim management is there for you.
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Talent Search

You are looking for your next marketing talent to bring extra force into your marketing team. Trust it with the recruitment process : as marketers, we know how to find the best fit for the marketing talent of today and tomorrow.
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How we do it

To offer you the most impactful service, our consultants are trained in a wide variety of well-established marketing topics. In addition, we invent and develop our own marketing methodologies and proven recipes for success. We focus on 5 key domains to help you achieve business growth:

  • Customer & Business strategy

    A customer strategy guides you in the creation of seamless experiences at every touchpoint through the integration of customer needs and drivers.

  • Digital Acceleration

    Accelerate your growth and get results. It’s one of the key elements you need to achieve customer ownership.

  • Marketing Technology

    A future-proof technology stack enables you to bring the right message on the right channel at the right time.

  • Data

    A data-driven approach is everything when it comes to making the right choices for your organizational success.

  • Branding & Performance

    While branding is closely linked to the brand of an image, digital performance marketing is a collective term for digital marketing activities aimed at measurable results.

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Who we are

Meet our tight-knit team of 100+ T-shaped marketers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Driven to make an impact, our THoMers are known for challenging the status quo. Each of them is nurtured through coaching, training, and a variety of projects, marketing topics, and sectors.

We are part of Customer Collective

We’re proud to be one of the founding partners of Customer Collective. Together with addData, Upthrust, Fightclub, Dignify, we join forces to help companies to build strong relationships focused on their end consumer. This calls for a unique combination of customer strategy, digital, data, technology and branding & performance.

Looking to join The House of Marketing

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