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Empowering your innovation journey, from strategy to launch

When companies like Materialise, Verisure and Luminus need help with their innovation and customer experience, they come to us.

Our services

From strategy to launch, we’ve got you covered!

Are you looking to take your innovation to the next level and build solutions that truly make a difference for your customers and your bottom line?

At The House of Marketing, we understand that innovation can be a complex and challenging process. That’s why we offer a complete range of services to support you every step of the way – from inspiration to implementation and beyond.

Customized approach

  • Whether you are looking to reshape existing solutions or building entirely new ones…
  • Whether it’s a product, service, experience or a business model; or a specific innovation challenge..
  • Or maybe you temporarily need an extra team member on board..

We’ll work with you to understand your unique needs and challenges, and we’ll develop a customized approach that delivers real value to your business.

  • Trends and inspiration

    The world around us is changing at an incredible pace and new trends are constantly emerging.

    We help you to make your business sustainable for the long run, by picking the right battles. Together, let’s:

    • Explore & identify the trends that leverage value for your business
    • Turn trends into growth opportunities
    • Validate the potential of these trends with your target customer
  • Marketing & Customer research and Value Proposition

    Is your offering fulfilling client’s needs? We help you developing new customer-centric propositions or redesigning your existing proposition in a fact-based way using the Business Design Thinking methodology:

    • Get a clear view on the jobs-to-be-done, pains & gains for your customers
    • Generate concepts and select the ones with the highest potential impact
    • Design and validate the concepts and take first steps into implementation


  • Business model innovation

    Reinventing a business from the inside can be challenging. At The House of Marketing, we guide you to craft a winning business model by leveraging proven frameworks and insights:

    • Understand what customers value, and how they like to be serviced
    • Explore business model options, evaluate feasibility, select the one that fits your market, product and goals
    • Score business model options taking into account both short and long-term goals
    • Draft a business case to estimate which model leads to optimal outcome.
  • Customer experience design

    Customers expect seamless, efficient interactions with brands across channels and touchpoints before but also after their purchase. We guide and assist you to put the customer at the center by understanding them, and detecting their expectations along their journey.

    • Get a clear view on the AS-IS situation & customer experience
    • Identify opportunities for improvement and prioritize
    • Design, adapt & validate new experiences and take first steps in implementation
  • Pricing strategy

    72% of innovations don’t meet their revenue targets. One of the main reasons is that we forget to assess willingness to pay and define and validate the right pricing early on.

    Identifying the right price point requires research methods and analysis. Our pricing experts help you to monetize your innovations properly by:

    • Measuring value and willingness to pay for your (potential) customers
    • Defining the right pricing strategy for your new or redesigned value proposition
  • Concept validation

    Does your concept idea for a new product, service or experience fit your target group & customers? Is it contributing to your own growth ambitions?

    By validating your idea we de-risk innovation and know exactly how to iterate to make it relevant and competitive:

    • Possibilities to validate in-market are endless. Depending on the maturity of your innovation our experts will choose the most suitable validation approach
    • We help you to obtain the right consumer insights to assess viability, desirability and feasibility of your project
  • Organize for innovation

    Every innovation project needs a spark of creativity, but the truth is that successful innovation is led by structure. Based on years of expertise across different industries we have the knowledge to provide you with tools and methods that drive innovation and build winning teams & processes.​ We combine value proposition creation with structural improvements recommended by our organizational design experts:

    • Setting aligned innovation goals and objectives
    • Fostering an innovation culture and mindset across the organization
    • Building the rights teams and structure
    • Embedding innovative methodologies and tools in your processes & way-of-working
    • Assessing and scaling-up capabilities
  • Launching innovation

    You have a great (new) product, service, experience or business model. Great! Now what?!

    We have all the tools and skills in house to build a killer Go-To-Market strategy:

    • An insights-based launch strategy that leads your target audience(s) through the marketing funnel
    • Using growth marketing (in-market testing & experimentation) you’ll know exactly where to play, which message to bring and which target group to focus on and how to generate leads early on.

Why The House of Marketing

Building the future. Today. Together. Our team of consultants has decades of experience in innovation & customer experience and can help you with any challenge.

  • We know your customers as the back of our hand

    As marketers, we know your market and customer as no other. With 25+ years of continuous in-depth research in Belgium and the Netherlands across industries, we have hundreds of benchmarks at our fingertips.

  • We are your end to end partner from strategy to implementation

    Together with Customer Collective, we support you from start to finish.
    Whether you need external support or help from the inside, we’ve got you covered.

  • We level up your internal innovation maturity

    Having the right teams and processes is critical to a successful innovation approach. Our organisational design experts will identify what’s needed to get there. From redefining roles, responsibilities and methodologies to assessing capabilities and on-the-job coaching.

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Meet our CX experts

  • Eline Khancheh Zar

    Eline Khancheh Zar

    Consulting Manager

    • Business Design Thinking
    • E-Commerce Strategy
    • Brand Management
    • Market Analysis
  • Stefanie Daems

    Stefanie Daems

    Senior Consultant

    • Branding & product management
    • Content marketing
    • (Digital) Marketing Strategy
    • Go-to-market
    • Project management
  • 2022 THOM CROP 295

    Katie Baeck

    Senior Consultant

    • Project Management
    • Design Thinking
    • Service Design
    • Strategy
    • Design Sprints
  • Eline Bruine de Bruin

    Eline Bruine de Bruin

    Consulting Manager

    • Brand Management
    • Product Management & Portfolio Strategy
    • Project Management
    • Category Management
    • Consumer Strategy & Insights
    • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • 2022 THOM CROP 257

    Sissi Dierckxsens


    • Project Management
    • Brand Strategy
    • Marketing Activation Strategy
    • Influencer marketing
    • Business Design Thinking
    • Workshop Facilitation