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Value-driven Marketing Transformation

During a transformation project we look at how to leverage tech & data to increase marketing efficiency and enhance the digital customer experience. We build & unlock next-gen digital ecosystems through an agile design & development approach.

Our approach

Tech-led Marketing Transformation

As you probably already experienced yourself, customers are more demanding than ever. They want their experience to be frictionless, personalized and memorable.

At the same time, marketing managers are being asked to do more with less, putting marketing operations under pressure.

These shifts require a parallel evolution in capabilities.

With our 5-steps approach we help you determine which tech & data capabilities you need to unlock value.

  • 1 | Business Ambition

    Any transformation journey starts with a clear vision of where the organization wants to go. We support you by crafting an ambition that aligns with your organizational goals.

    It will help shape the trajectory of the transformation journey to, for example:

    • Foster customer intimacy
    • Achieve operational excellence
    • Or attain product leadership
  • 2 | Tech & Data Capability Assessment

    Delivering the envisioned transformation ambition means starting from a clear understanding of the current situation (AS-IS) to define what needs to evolve (TO-BE).

    We perform an in-depth assessment to:

    • Audit your current data & technology capabilities
    • Identify capability gaps
    • Spot opportunities & risks for future phases
  • 3 | Value-Driven Use Cases

    During any transformation project, we focus on delivering value & impact.

    To ensure this:

    • We start by defining a list of relevant use cases responding to the identified pain points & opportunities from previous step
    • We prioritize them based on impact for the business (cost reduction or revenue increase), customer & technical complexity
    • We define upfront target KPI that will enable us to measure the success of these use cases


  • 4 | Architecture & Digital Product Roadmap

    Cooks have recipes, we have (product) roadmaps.

    To outline the sequence of development or feature enhancement and requirements over time, we:

    • Define the to-be tech & data architecture
    • Create product roadmaps for the different technologies (website, app, MA, CRM,…)
    • Make the link between business ambition and concrete phases in time
  • 5 | Agile Design & Development

    We apply an iterative approach to use case design, development and capability building.

    Continuous feedback loops from customer & business data will help:

    • Refine and adjust the roadmap to drive value
    • Answer external changes & requirements
    • Remain agile along the way

How do we change the game? 

What sets us appart?

We make sure that your organization moves along

Getting the different teams onboard and ready for the transformation is often the biggest obstacle to success, that’s why we integrate change management in our approach.

Data infused in every step

Our data scientists will dig into your data to retrieve additional & deeper customer insights. We let data drive the prioritization of the use cases & ensure end-to-end tracking is put into place to closely monitor & report on value creation.

We opt for a phased tech & data transition

The to-be architecture is built step by step through the different use cases. With this approach we minimize disruption while allowing for a smooth and manageable transition.

We rely on our T- & I-shaped experts

The strong combination of our business focused consultants from The House of Marketing & the experts from our other Customer Collective entities guarantees your organization to always have the right skill set & expertise.

Meet our Transformation Experts

  • Alicia Bandinelli

    Alicia Bandinelli

    Consulting Manager

    • Agile Project Management
    • Digital product vision & roadmap
    • Customer research
    • Organizational design
  • Jonathan Suchet

    Jonathan Suchet

    Senior Consultant

    • Project Management
    • Marketing Automation & CRM
    • Digital Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Content Marketing
  • Griet Heylen

    Griet Heylen

    Consulting Manager

    • Data Analytics
    • Business Intelligence
    • CRM
    • Marketing Automation
    • Project Management
  • Nicolas Heyrman

    Nicolas Heyrman

    Senior Consultant

    • Customer Journey Development
    • Persona Creation
    • Market Research
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Internal Branding

The House of Marketing gathers…


More than 200 clients


Projects per year


Client’s satisfaction rate


More than 120 experts

Why The House of Marketing

Building the future. Today. Together. Our team of consultants has decades of experience in innovation & customer experience and can help you with any challenge.

  • We know your customers as the back of our hand

    As marketers, we know your market and customer as no other. With 25+ years of continuous in-depth research in Belgium and the Netherlands across industries, we have hundreds of benchmarks at our fingertips.

  • We are your end to end partner from strategy to implementation

    Together with Customer Collective, we support you from start to finish.
    Whether you need external support or help from the inside, we’ve got you covered.

  • We level up your internal innovation maturity

    Having the right teams and processes is critical to a successful innovation approach. Our organisational design experts will identify what’s needed to get there. From redefining roles, responsibilities and methodologies to assessing capabilities and on-the-job coaching.

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Alicia Bandinelli

Alicia Bandinelli

Consulting Manager

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