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How we helped a Belgian distributor of sanitary and central heating solutions to design a future-proof Marketing Automation roadmap

Our client: 

A Belgian player active in the market of sanitary and central heating solutions.


Our interdisciplinary team:

  • Dirk Blondeel (The House of Marketing)
  • Sharon Vermosen (The House of Marketing)
  • Barbara Meynen (The House of Marketing)
  • Ward Janssens (Grava)


Duration of the project:

Our consultants worked on the project from November 2020 to January 2021 (3 months).



Our client called upon The House of Marketing to become a more customer-centric organization and use Marketing Automation to its full potential to gain efficiency and a focused way of working.


Since the challenge was two-fold, our team worked on change management, generating a buy-in from the required stakeholders to align on the approach, as well as Marketing Automation.

  1. With regards to change management, our team:
  • Assessed existing digital capabilities through a digital marketing audit. This included an evaluation of the company’s digital strategy & maturity
  • Organized internal interviews with stakeholders to define areas of improvement
  • Hosted workshops to map out personas and customer journeys and prioritize roadmap user stories together with the team

2. Linked to Marketing Automation, our team:

  • Conducted a Marketing Automation maturity scan, including a screening of existing materials and flows
  • Evaluated existing in- and external customer data and current funnel performance
  • Assessed ClickDimensions (a Marketing Automation tool of Microsoft 360), which they were using at the time, and identified pitfalls
  • Compared their tool to other Marketing Automation tools in the market
  • Built a Marketing Automation roadmap based on research insights


By the end of the project, our consultants had reached the following results:


  • An increase of customer centricity within the marketing team of our client, through the creation of buyer personas and customer journey maps
  • A future-proof roadmap for better performing Marketing Automation activities and proof of concepts, including priority assignment
  • Recommendations for an improved CRM and Marketing Automation integration to take full advantage of their tool’s capabilities
  • New Marketing Automation flows and quick wins ready to be implemented, such as an onboarding flow, an automated sales follow-up and a win-back flow

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