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Case The House of Marketing: How we help a belgian fashion retailer

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How we helped a large Belgian fashion retailer accordingly evolve into a data-driven, customer-centric organization

Our client:

Specialized in fashion, both offline and in e-commerce, our client is an established Belgian family-owned company known for its authenticity and client centric mindset.

The organization has found longstanding success thanks to their:

  • Authentic traditional communication methods
  • Excellent and responsive customer service
  • Outstanding employee branding
  • Investment in a digital & technology toolbox
  • Relevant and personalized customer messages

Our team:

  • addData
  • The House of Marketing

Duration of the project: 4 months


Our client called upon The House of Marketing and addData to help with the shift from a more gut feel and “out of previous experience” focus towards more customer-centric and data-driven decision making and marketing. The needs of the organization had also evolved over the past few years. ​Management realized that they were not set-up for future success with their organizational structure and in-house capabilities of today.  There was a need for a shift in structure and capabilities towards a more data-driven and personalized approach.

Where The House of Marketing focused on the optimization of the structure of the marketing and e-commerce department to become more future proof and data-driven, addData focused on getting the data-driven way of working up and running – being the interlinking element between data and marketing.


The project existed out of 2 tracks,

  • The House of Marketing: Defining a renewed version of the marketing and e-commerce organization, future-proofing and setting -up for success to enable more data-driven and customer centric decision making
  •  addData: defining and implementing a new, data-driven, way of working that enables the marketing, e-commerce and data team to communicate relevant messages towards the customers

A close collaboration between addData and The House of Marketing was ofcourse essential in defining the right organization and the right processes to enforce each other.

To define a future proof and data-driven marketing & e-commerce organization, the The House of Marketing team applied a 6-step approach. They:

  1. Performed a diagnostic analysis: by performing multiple internal interviews & quantitative research, we defined the current strengths to build on, while noting gaps and opportunities ​
  2. We benchmarked the current structure, process and people, and their corresponding gaps and opportunities that came out of the diagnostic, against best practices in the market. 
  3. Synthesized strategy, strengths & key challenges into the main levers of the new structure: design principles were defined
  4. Drew the design of the organization blueprint: required capabilities were defined, potential organization structure was designed, and new/ adapted role descriptions were finalized ​

addData, in parallel, implemented the new data-driven way of working within the marketing and data department through 5 key levers. They:

  1. Coached the marketing team to incorporate ‘data’ in the way of working: kpi goals & follow-up, segmentation, measurement, etc
  2. Introduced a new way of working that focused on communicating personalized content towards the high potential segments instead of communicating messages towards traditionally grown segments
  3. E2E view with focus on identifying & developing the missing pieces in the data architecture, user reporting & campaign delivery (personalization & automation)
  4. Translated customer shopping behavior into insights & customer kpi’s, driving marketing strategy, decision making & performance follow-up
  5. Definition & creation of a data analytic toolbox consisting of: kpi dashboards, customer insights dashboards and campaign measurement


By the end of the project, our consultants had reached the following results:

The House of Marketing:

A ready-to-implement marketing & omnichannel organization chart 2.0 that enables the organization to move towards a more data-driven and customer centric way of working​, including:

  • Crystalized to-be vision & strategy ​
  • Alignment on where we want to go
  • Alignment on the key strategic building blocks
  • Definition of the key opportunities to focus on​ when pursuing the above vision and corresponding strategic building blocks
    • Definition of the key opportunities to grow in when developing a future proof marketing, e-commerce and data organization
  • Inspiration via best practice benchmarks ​
    • Different organizational blueprints of other companies/ departments that tackled similar challenges
  • Capability gap analysis that shows on which capabilities extra focus is required​
    • Analysis of capability importance vs. capability maturity: which capabilities are most crucial when rolling out the new organization, and which capabilities are most mature
    • Defining the gap between importance and maturity and define a growth plan accordingly
  • Detailed new and adapted role descriptions per building block
    • Linked to the new organization chart 2.0 – adapted role descriptions per building block of this organization chart to start recruiting for each building block   ​


We defined & implemented a data driven marketing roadmap, including data in all phases of marketing decision.

Setup & delivery of data driven program

  • Delivery of an opportunity scan: Showing how much potential is there in the customer base
  • Delivery & execution of an E2E roadmap to get from an as-is to a data driven to-be

Optimization of marketing ROI

  • Kicked off campaign testing on segments, channels, promotion, CTA’s to find the effective marketing mix
  • Delivery of actionable marketing kpi’s in line with overall strategy: kpi definition, dashboard creation, targets analysis

Design & delivery of analytic data tools & insights

  • Delivery of insights dashboard to better understand  their data
  • Delivery of campaign dashboards to evaluate cross channel and campaigns on ROI, vs similar campaigns and segmented response
  • Delivery of several customer, shopping, and competitor analysis to support and validate other strategic projects

E2E marketing process engineering

  • Campaign flow implementations to allow more data driven dynamic content in Journey and campaign communication
  • New campaign briefing approach to integrate targets from kpi’s & insights from data
  • Coaching tracks of marketing team to include data insights in their day to day work

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