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Press release – The House of Marketing, Upthrust, Grava & Dignify launch Customer Collective

Diegem, March 29th, 2021 – After launching the digital acceleration office Upthrust three years ago and acquiring Grava back in November 2020, The House of Marketing, market leader in strategic marketing consulting and interim management, is now welcoming a new partner on board. Thanks to Dignify and its marketing technology experts they can expand their services even further. Together, they are launching ‘Customer Collective’, a brand-new ecosystem. As such, the entities are combining their expertise to offer customers a complete package including customer strategy, digital acceleration and expertise in the implementation of marketing technology.

Today’s growth companies are particularly good at bringing together the right skills for customer strategy, digital acceleration and technology implementation. It is essential to always think from the customer’s perspective, so to be ‘customer focused’. Our ecosystem’s name says it all. The different entities of Customer Collective combine their expertise to offer tailor-made transformation for their customers. 

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Dennis De Cat (Managing Director Upthrust), Lies Taerwe (Managing Director The House of Marketing), Grégory Delens (Managing Partner Expansions), Marco Piombo (Managing Director Dignify).

Consumer is king

“As a company it is important to be relevant for your customer at all times, conveying the right message at the right time and using the medium your customer prefer. Marketing technology is crucial to support marketers in doing this efficiently,” says Grégory Delens, Managing Partner Expansions at The House of Marketing and Upthrust.

With a team of 15 experts, Dignify brings a lot of experience in the field of technological implementation of marketing automation technology to the table. Marco Piombo, Managing Director at Dignify: “The ecosystem of marketing technologies keeps developing at an incredible pace. Both B2C and B2B companies have access to numerous tools to personalize their customer journeys on a large scale. Today, it is about so much more than a one-off technical implementation. You need to think about the right tools, create a strong support within the organization and execute a clear implementation strategy focused on the need of the (end-) customer. Fortunately, that’s exactly what our team is specialized in.”

Customer Collective combines three essential elements to achieve a successful customer-oriented transformation: client strategy (The House of Marketing’s expertise), digital acceleration (Upthrust & Grava’s know-how) and the implementation of marketing technology (Dignify’s specialty). What is Customer Collective’s mission? Combining these fundamental and complementary expertises to write a new commercial story in which everything revolves around having an impact and the return on investment. Trusting your gut feeling as a marketer is definitely a thing of the past.

A complementary approach

What makes Customer Collective unique is its ecosystem. By bringing together consultants from different areas of expertise for each project, the collective really sets itself apart. Lies Taerwe, Managing Director at The House of Marketing: “With Customer Collective we focus on what the end customer needs. With that in mind we bring a team together that can really take on the challenges that lie ahead of us. As such, we apply a reverse reasoning. Strategy makes the difference while digital acceleration and marketing technology will be the keys to accomplish your goals.” This way-of-working is completely opposite to the silo mentality that dominates in many companies and stands in the way of a customer-oriented transformation.

While the added value of this collective is unmistakable, Customer Collective made the conscious and important decision to move forward as different entities that coexist. Each of them has their own DNA, expertise, trainings and culture which leads to innovating insights and allows them to attract the most talented people in the field.

Succesfully attracting top talents

The success of this ecosystem is not only a matter of combining different areas of expertise, building the winning team is just as important. Dennis De Cat, Managing Partner at Upthrust concludes: “Top talents attract top talents. For us it was a deliberate decision to coexist as individual companies. It allows talented employees to develop themselves even further in their own area of expertise and each entity can keep its own culture. We stimulate the growth of our experts by offering them focused support and training. When you bring together the best of the best in one team, you will see magic happening right in front of you.”

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About Customer Collective
Customer Collective is an ecosystem that supports companies to achieve fast growth by adopting a customer-driven attitude. The group focusses on four building blocks:  customer strategydigital acceleration, data and technology. All of these being essential to make your commercial transformation a success story. Therefore, Customer Collective joins forces from The House of Marketing, Upthrust, Grava and Dignify. As opposed to other ecosystems existing on the European market, the companies work closely together. For each project they select the best profiles with complementary expertise and skills to have the best possible impact. Customer Collective is powered by Down2Earth Capital and Quanteus Group. For further details, go to www.customercollective.eu.

About The House of Marketing
For over two decades, companies have been calling upon The House of Marketing for strategic management consultancy and interim management. Working with a THoMer means collaborating with a connected hub of more than 100 passionate and committed marketing experts and a network of freelance consultants.  Our entrepreneurial spirit and future-proof vision of marketing enables us to inspire, foster innovation and help our customers in their transition towards profitable, sustainable growth by creating business opportunities through marketing. For further details, go to www.thom.eu.

About Upthrust
Upthrust is a #1 international growth office that focuses on  full-funnel growth marketing and building better digital experiences that actually convert.  We work from different locations in Europe for both larger SMEs and corporates.   Our team works on-site and actively transfers knowledge to your team. For further details, go to www.upthrust.eu.

About Dignify
Dignify is a digital services agency that specializes in marketing technology. Their experienced team of marketing technologists helps both national and international B2C and B2B companies to anticipate the (digital) needs of tomorrow. Dignify builds a bridge between marketing and IT to successfully implement automated and data-driven marketing automation initiatives. For further details, go to www.dignify.agency.

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