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Why CX is the best-kept secret in marketing 

According to recent research, 80% of CEOs think their company is customer-centric, but only 8% of their customers agree. This huge disparity underscores the importance of outstanding customer experiences to win customers over to your brand. What makes for great CX? And why should you care about CX to begin with? We’ve got the answers.


CX: what’s in a name?


CX, short for customer experience, covers: 

  • The overall impression customers get when they interact with your business, spanning from initial contact to post-purchase satisfaction. 
  • The practice of leveraging data and insights from said interactions to refine and customize your customer journey. 


The key to customer experience excellence


To create outstanding customer experiences, focus on 3 criteria: 

  • Timing: establish genuine and personalized emotional connections, particularly during unexpected moments or instances of frustration, to nurture a sense of importance. 
  • Consistency and reliability: ensure a positive experience along key touchpoints in the customer journey. 
  • Convenience: streamline the customer experience by removing obstacles and provide a smooth and effortless journey that customers can readily engage with. 

5 reasons to optimize your CX



#1: Boost customer satisfaction


A satisfied customer contributes 2.6 times more to revenue.


#2: Increase customer advocacy


84% of consumers no longer trust advertisements. That makes word of mouth from convinced customers one of the most powerful marketing tools.


#3: Get valuable feedback


Engaging with customers to improve their experience can provide valuable feedback that drives product and service innovation and helps you stay ahead of the curve.


#4: Reduce costs


An optimized employee journey and fewer manual interactions can significantly reduce customer service costs by up to 50%.


#5: Leapfrog your competitors


The revenue of companies with a strong CX strategy is 1.4 times higher than companies

3 key trends shaping the future of CX


#1: Personalization at scale


More than ever, customers want to be addressed personally to feel a strong connection with your brand. This requires you to understand individual customer preferences and behaviors, and tailor interactions and offerings to them, thereby improving satisfaction and engagement. Think of Spotify Wrapped as an example: each user receives a personal list of their favorite music of the year, but Spotify deploys this tactic en masse to address their full audience.


#2: AI and automation


More and more companies are discovering the potential of AI and automation to enhance their CX. This has led to a surge in chatbots, virtual assistants, and automated support systems. These tools provide quick and convenient service capabilities, allowing employees to work more efficiently and focus on valuable human interactions.


#3: The impact of EX on CX


Finally, there’s a growing recognition of the link between CX and EX or employee experience. In short, happy, engaged employees are more likely to deliver exceptional customer service.

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How we help

Our experts have experience across the full CX spectrum. You can count on us for:

    • Crafting your overall CX strategy and roadmap;

    • Identifying key focus areas to make an impact when it comes to CX;

    • Designing and/or optimizing a specific customer journey;
    • (Re)shaping your CX team, upskilling your talent and optimizing internal CX processes;

    • Measuring the impact of your efforts through analytics;

    • Redesigning on- and/or offline touchpoints to create an experience that meets and exceeds your customer needs;


Remember: taking your first steps toward becoming truly customer-centric may seem challenging. You don’t have to go all out right away. Instead, start small, by talking to your colleagues in the customer care department, or even better, to your customers. Surrounding yourself with experts like us is a great idea to get you into pole position and pave the way for CX excellence in the long term.

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