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Growth HR and the War for Talent

We all know that here is a war for talent going on, so we won’t bother you with explaining the challenges you face. Let’s do things differently and skip straight to the solution: our HR Growth approach. 

As the name suggests, HR Growth uses growth marketing tactics to fill your hiring funnel, and to do so more cost effective. Sounds good? Let us explain how! 

To understand the dynamic, you first need to understand who you’ve been trying to chase into your funnel all this time. Things we know about the modern applicant:  

  • 70% uses their smartphone for job search 
  • Thus, 70% expects smartphone optimized job postings 
  • 68% likes ads and social media to assist in their job search 
  • 81% wants a quick and easy application process 
  • 92% Interacts with platforms like Google, Instagram and Facebook at least once a day 

Now that we know this, we can start adapting your job openings to the likes and needs of your audience, and we know where to find them. Surely, you also still get a say in this! We know you don’t just need anyone; you only want to hire the best. Bringing us to the first step of our five-phased approach: establishing your target audience. 

1. Establishing your target audience

This is where you talk, and we listen. Based on your input we define the type of employee and skillset required, we develop an understanding of your ideal candidate and establish the criteria for evaluating them. 

2. HR audit and setting the scope

In this step, we familiarize ourselves with your existing assets, your guidelines etc. We check if we can help you setting up for success by optimizing your recruitment process, work on conversion rate optimization (CRO) and dive into your analytics. In this phase, we will also to talk to some HR reps and current employees, to cover all grounds.  

3. Create

After thorough analysis, our creative minds get to work. They get their hands dirty with creating visuals, writing ad copy, rewriting job descriptions, making videos, creating supporting content etc. Followed by the technical set-up: creating your ads, setting up landing pages, automate flows etc.  

4. Experiments

In this phase, the magic of growth marketing happens. We’ll conduct experiments based on research and best practices: which platforms work best for you, how to optimize search engine results for your audience, what strategies work best and which content resonates best?  

Based on the learnings from these experiments, we make adaptations where needed. Phase 3 and 4 are looped a couple times to find the bullseye.  

5. Assess

Data is everything. We monitor outcomes to upscale successful experiments and kill the unsuccessful ones. Finally, we help you assess the attracted candidates and nurture them further.  

How does this work concretely in recruiting?

Let’s say you are looking for a digital content creator. After defining your ideal candidate (hard skills, soft skills, age, experience,…), we will immerse ourselves into the world of your candidate. What channels is this person on? What interests him? What does the competition offer?
With this info, we develop the action plan to conquer your ideal candidate.   

For example, we noticed your digital content creator is active on TikTok. We target them via user generated content, like colleagues from the team explaining why they are looking for a colleague. With smart tools, we make sure we can measure who is looking, and how long. We need this to estimate their possible interest.  

The ones watching our video for 50% or longer, will be retargeted with personal messages and a quiz, like “Do you want to become our new digital content creator? Fill in 10 questions to see if you fit our team”. This way, we already pre-qualify our candidates.  

After filling the questions, they get access to a webpage to apply, and book a slot directly for an interview. 

That’s exactly what we did for SDWorx, the leading HR partner in Belgium

Interested in other success stories? We’d be happy to share them with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out and start your HR growth journey with us. What are you waiting for? 

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