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How we guided growing non-profit organization Amfora towards a clear value proposition and strong content strategy

Amfora is an organization that is currently divided in two separate entities with different but sometimes overlapping activities and objectives:

  • Amfora is one entity. Their focus lies on the palliative patient by offering a non-traditional way, complementary to the existing palliative care, to better cope with end of life situations.
  • Afscheid dat Verbindt is the other entity. Their main focus is on offering training for health professionals to help them implement Amfora’s approach to dealing with end of life situations.

Amfora helpt palliatieve patiënten en familieleden die afscheid en dood met openheid tegemoet willen komen …

… door intense, diepgaande en levensbeschouwende eindelevensgesprekken te voeren en vast te leggen in woord en beeld.

What are their main challenges?

Amfora’s stakeholders were having a hard time identifying the differences between both initiatives. We accepted the challenge to unify both initiatives into one: Amfora.

Challenge 1: Value proposition sharpening: How to come up with a new value proposition aligning both initiatives to better understand Amfora’s offering?

Furthermore, there was an explicit need for a content strategy. A clear and structured communication strategy means a point of reference to help Amfora deliver the right messages at the right time using the right channels. This brings us to the second challenge of the project.

Challenge 2: How can Amfora build a content and channel strategy that embraces both initiatives and clearly communicates their respective propositions?


Bridging the knowing-doing gap

Our approach consisted of the following steps:

  1. Gathering of lean insights to serve as the basis of the value proposition design

We interviewed different Amfora stakeholders to dig into their real needs and expectations and gather insights on important dimensions and values.

  1. Target group profiling based on qualitative insights

We translated the captured insights from the interviews into personas to clearly visualize the needs, frustrations, and interests of Amfora’s target groups.

Amfora case

  1. Designing a new value proposition

By linking Amfora’s products and services with the frustrations and needs of the important stakeholders and by capturing this in one sentence.

  1. Creating a framework to guide Amfora with its content marketing strategy.

By defining the different steps of Amfora’s content plan.

  • What are Amfora’s objectives (WHY)?
  • What are Amfora’s target groups (WHO)?
  • What content should Amfora bring to their target groups (WHAT)?
  • What channels should Amfora use to deliver its content (WHERE)?
  • How is Amfora going to create content (HOW)?
  • What are important KPIs for each phase of the marketing funnel?

And by linking these steps of a content plan to the different phases of the marketing funnel.

Amfora case 2

  1. Creating a first roll-out of the new strategy.

Leaving our fingerprint behind

Our project resulted in the following:

  • New insights and true understanding of the key values Amfora brings to their main stakeholders
  • Redefined missions and visions
  • A redefined value proposition allowing Amfora to communicate their offerings in a crisp & clear way
  • Persona creation to provide structure and context, allowing Amfora to easily map out content
  • Key messages identified per audience to help Amfora effectively communicate and market the organization’s needs and purpose
  • Key barriers identified within the marketing funnel & clear recommendations on how to tackle those
  • 6 pillars of a strong content plan tackled
  • A template to further guide Amfora in planning their future marketing activities to help build their communication plans in a more structured and targeted way to increase efficiency & effectiveness
  • A first roll-out of the content strategy
    • Campaign flow
    • Social media analysis (AS IS – TO BE)
    • Website analysis (AS IS – TO BE)
    • Website flow proposal

Our thoughts on the project

Amfora is a growing non-profit organization. Running such a non-profit organization is not easy and takes up almost all the time available. Building a marketing plan then seems like an added responsibility, something not worth doing at first sight.

However, at The House of Marketing we hope to convince otherwise. By supporting Amfora in developing the right and valuable content, we believe we could help create a positive impact on Amfora’s community and business.

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