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How we helped a global B2B workwear company to assess the potential of a new product-as-a-service (PaaS) business model

Our client:

A global workwear manufacturing company, located in the Netherlands.

Our interdisciplinary team:

  • Managing Director from The House of Marketing
  • Consulting Manager from The House of Marketing
  • Senior consultant from The House of Marketing
  • Consultant from BrightWolves

Duration of the project:

Our consultants worked on the project for 2,5 months.


Active in a price- and feature-driven market, our client wanted to maintain their premium position while gaining more customers. Their aim was to explore the strategic option of a new business model: product-as-a-service.

The Global Marketing Director called upon The House of Marketing NL to:

  • Assess and develop a new value proposition
  • Create business scenarios
  • Map the operational impact


The team applied the Business Design Thinking methodology to co-create a possible new business model.

The aim was to find the optimum of viability, desirability and feasibility.

  • Desirability

The team conducted multiple interviews with different internal stakeholders to assess needs, and evaluate potential value propositions. Based on those insights, they organized several workshops to co-create different value propositions (‘service propositions’). Our value proposition canvas guided the workshops with internal stakeholders. The team detailed 3 as-a-service propositions that were validated by the executive team.

  • Viability

The team developed a business case for every service proposition, including key recommendations on how to improve each business case.

  • Feasibility

The team developed a high-level operational plan to provide guidance on the preparatory steps needed for each of the service propositions, as well as the implementation steps required once a specific service is sold​.

  • Final recommendations

At the end of the project, the team presented the outcome, go-to-market approach as well as recommendations to improve the clients own innovation processes.


By the end of the project, our consultants had reached the following results:

  • They delivered 3 concrete service propositions based on customer insights and co-creation.
  • They translated the 3 propositions into detailed business models, each built on an extensive business case.
  • They designed an operational plan to implement each of the 3 new service propositions, as a step by step guide for a first proof-of-concept.

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