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Digital transformation to improve customer experience #Digitaltransformation

In this episode, David Vansteenbrugge, Managing Director at addData joins us to explain how digital transformation helps companies adapting to customers’ needs and new behaviour by leveraging new technologies in order to improve customer experience.


03:30 What is digital transformation?

06:11 What is not digital transformation?

09:00 Example: Machine learning – How and why leverage a new technology?

11:30 Why starting a digital transformation program? And how to implement it?

12:30 How can a company “fail” its transformation?

14:03 Example of upskilling employees in a digital strategy plan

17:00 Why Digital transformation is helping businesses these days and in the future?



How ready are you for digital change?

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David Vansteenbrugge, Managing Director addData

Ambitious strategist with demonstrated ability to manage highly complex digital teams, develop winning strategies and implement change across the board. Passionate about the amazing things possible at the intersection of creativity and technology.



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