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Keeping innovating, the case of the metaverse

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Innovation is what keeps your business relevant. But how do you keep innovating? Should you follow all marketing trends? Or how do you pick the right one? Let’s dive into this “innovation” topic with another buzzwordy one: the metaverse, the use case for this episode.

Key learning:

Don’t just listen. Try. Taste. Know by experience what is being talked about and form your own opinion.


Fast forward

What are we talking about?
01:59 – What is the “metaverse”
04:10 – The related “NFT”, “Blockchain” and “Web3” topics
05:40 – Clarifying before moving forward

What should you do about it?
08:07 – Handling a hype: the 70-20-10 framework
09:25 – Deciding on getting into the metaverse
10:22 – Some use cases
12:18 – The key remains the same: strategy, goals and customer experience
16:27 – Let’s talk sustainability, scams, no-revolution

So, concretely?
22:10 – Outside of the metaverse, what innovation and trends should look at?
23:26 – Tasting, understanding and keep your whole strategy in mind

In the studio