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Ready to take control of my career by treading my own path!

I’m Julie, Consulting Manager at the House of Marketing. I am 35, have been married for 10 years and am mother to a hyper-active 7-year old son. After more than 13 years of experience, mainly in the banking and fintech industries, I realized through my many interactions with consultants, friends and colleagues that consulting was maybe something for me.

I was the perfect example of internal mobility in the 4 companies I worked for but something was missing… I love that no two days ever feel the same and being challenged to exceed my limits. I wanted to explore new sectors and industries but I need to feel valued, use my experience to continue to develop my career. I manage to work hard without sacrificing my family life. This was crucial for me to keep a work-life balance.

A career path that allows me to learn and grow

I love learning new things, trying new technologies, launching creative concepts… For me, consulting is all about continuously upgrading your skills, testing, rethinking, building, being challenged… Learning is imperative to success. Consultants are the experts, which means they’re always learning and adapting to new trends. Wanting to constantly, relentlessly improve is essential. This was a key criterion for me in moving to a consulting company. The focus had to be on increasing my personal effectiveness and exploring new fields but the missions also had to be compatible with my family environment.

At The House of Marketing, you can actively develop your skill sets with trainings, booster sessions, by attending specific trade shows, … As Consulting Manager, I head up the entire project scope, I have to jump quickly into the project and understand the industry.

The variety without changing employer

Breaking the cycle of tedium by constantly tackling new problems sounds super exciting to me. A 13-year career, 4 companies… Seeing different company cultures, discovering other industries’ specialties, while working with great people to build amazing projects… No two days, or two clients are the same. Every client has different expectations, needs, audiences, products and services, so consultants get to oversee projects of all kinds! At The House of Marketing, we get to work with amazing clients of all sizes and from all types of sectors!

Feeding my brain with the community

As a consultant, you have the opportunity to build a vast and valuable network at the clients’ and internally. This will allow you to build relationships across multiple organizations (with usually quite senior individuals) that can turn into other consulting projects or even into mentorships. While you may not be CEO (yet!), consulting presents a unique opportunity to exercise your strategy muscle and get exposure to this type of thinking.

My fears? Not having direct colleagues to work with… but at The House of Marketing we have a very strong community, the THoMers. As a THoMer you are part of a real community. Consultants from all backgrounds willing to share and learn from each other; exchanging ideas, driven by the same passion and values, and having fun as well. I am proud and love to be part of this community!

At the House, we have a very flat structure and open culture. You will never feel alone! All THoMers are eager to help and support because sharing is caring! This means for instance that you can be part of a 2 hours brainstorming session to help other THoMers to come up with new ideas, even if you don’t know the industry. You can always have a chat with colleagues on how to manage your project at the client. Even with more than 10 years of experience, it’s important to have an outside perspective, other people’s advice and be challenged.

At The House of Marketing, there is an energy that makes you want to take out all the stops to excel. Working here contributes also to my personal growth. It helps me to be more structured, available and conscientious. Everything that I love.