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Futureproof your marketing team

Boost your business performance by optimizing organizational efficiency & effectiveness, reducing silos, and building resilience. As marketers with handson experience, we understand your challenges firsthand. With our cross-industry benchmarks as well as tailored organizational design & change methodologies, we help you outperform competition and optimize results with robust processes, the best talent, and the right capabilities 


Discover why you should partner up with us.

From inspiration to strategy and implementation.

We help you with the whole 360*

Redesign your full marketing team 

Organize your team for sustainable growth by creating a customized organizational structure that breaks down silos and optimizes collaboration among global and local teams. 

Win the war for talent: shape marketers of the future 

Create a competitive advantage and drive growth by building and strengthening the right marketing (team) competencies. 

Enhance your employer branding and value proposition 

Attract, retain, and engage top talent with a strong EVP and innovative marketing tactics. 

Reshape your marketing ecosystem and processes  

Boost ROI by optimizing for efficiency & effectiveness in your agency, budgets, and team set ups.  

Embed new strategy and tools with change management  

Ensure adoption of the new strategy, tools, and technology by guiding your teams using proven organizational change methodologies. 

Top challenges our clients face, do you recognize yourself?

  • Struggling to attract and retain the best marketing talent? 

  • Want to accelerate the team on future-proof marketing capabilities? 

  • Need help creating the most lean and efficient structure, driven by customer-centric insights and data? 

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Our proven methodology

To deliver business results, we focus on the core of the organization, while building a strong talent engine. To enable these, our organizational design methodology enacts three major shifts: skillset, mindset, and organization 

Depending on each individual project, we then create a tailored approach for these shifts, supported by cross-industry benchmarks & best practicesin-house marketing academyagile project management certifications and practices, neuromarketing insights, hands-on in market experience, scientifically based change management methodologies such as the Prosci methodology, as well as the whole customer collective ecosystem which covers frameworks to obtain full customer ownership.  

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Get inspired by our podcast

How to create high performing teams

In this podcast episode on organizational design, Magalie Bonafoux, Senior Consultant Manager at The House of Marketing will explain to you what is organizational design and why you should keep this topic top of mind. She also shares with you some best practices and her passion for this topic.

Our way of working is focused on tangible impact
  • 1# Not your average consultants

    Benefit from real hands-on experience: as marketers, we know what it takes to get the job done and base our methodologies on extensive data and expertise in marketing and business strategy

  • 2# Marketing skills of the future already in-house

    Build team capabilities on the go, while relying on our ecosystem of experts with future-proof skills, bringing you ahead of the curve


  • 3# We don’t stop with a slide deck delivery

    Get the whole process covered: from inspiration, assessment, and strategy development to implementation, coaching on the job, and change management  fact-based marketing approach.

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Meet our experts
  • Sophie Van Orden

    Sophie Van Orden

    Strategy Commercial Lead & Client Partner Customer Collective

    • Marketing Strategy & Planning
    • Organizational Design
    • Brand Management & Positioning
    • Marketing Communication
    • Loyalty
  • Magalie Bonafoux

    Magalie Bonafoux

    Senior Manager

    • Strategic Marketing
    • Brand Management
    • Marketing Communication
    • Innovation Management
    • Project Management
    • Team Lead